Koray started off his career as a professional football player. From being a little boy he put all his effort into mastering the game. As years passed and circumstances changed he started modeling. Soon he should get in touch with the world of fashion. The jobs he did, the projects he participated in made him realize the broad possibilities of fashion. Never assumed being part of it, but gaining more and more interest, he started a new chapter. By considering every detail and enjoying the process of starting out with his own brand, being his own creative director, he always aims for new approaches and ideas.
„Ruesgar encourages me to live my dream and to do better every day.“

After Sabi finished her education in International Business, she began studying Fashion Design in Düsseldorf. During that period she was living in different cities and traveling the world, which gave her the opportunity to gather experience in numerous areas. Being raised by her art loving mother her attention would be drawn to the world of fashion soon. A biography of Cristóbal Balenciaga caught her interest in the process of fashion. Therefore she devoted herself to the creation of Ruesgar. It gave her the opportunity to express herself, while being part of every instance a fashion brand requires.  

„I admire colors, shapes, patterns, fabrics, silhouettes, etc. It brings a lot of joy to me surrounding myself with all of these things, while working with different teams and creatives.“